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Territories can reach hundreds of square miles where prey densities are in low density such as in northwestern Canada. Canadians drive on the right and pass on the left, and that also goes for walking up escalators, roads and streets. Erik is now Coordinator of Animal Behavior & Enrichment at a CRO (Contract Research Organization) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A wolf pack will roam and defend a territory of between 25 and 100 miles in the western Great Lakes area. n. The act or method of controlling or directing. v. (transitive) To lead; to direct; to manage. n. The way a living creature behaves or acts. His demeanouron the occasions when they came in contact with each other remained the same. demeanour translation in English-Thai dictionary. demeanour ( plural demeanours ) Britain, Australia, New Zealand. (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people. What does Demeanour mean? Demeanour is defined as an alternative spelling of demeanor, which refers to your general personality and the way you behave. It is spelled demeanour outside the United States. v. (archaic, transitive) To lead, or guide; to escort. uncountable noun [usually poss NOUN] Your demeanour is the way you behave, which gives people an impression of your character and feelings. Regarding demeanour vs. behaviour, I think demeanour is more related to your overall bearing which includes your behaviour, but also how you stand or hold yourself such as "haughty", "humble" or "proud" or arrogant, etc. Demeanor or demeanour Someone’s demeanor is his or her outward behavior, or the way he or she appears to others. How to use demeanor in a sentence. ‘My happy demeanor quickly vanished, as soon as it had come, replaced by cold dread.’ ‘Her demeanor changed from happy and excited to down and depressed within a second.’ ‘It has been evident in your manner and demeanour that you do not wish to talk to me and so I have not approached you until now.’ n. (uncountable) The way a living creature behaves or acts generally. An unprofessional demeanor in a professional situation could get you … Quebec is a distinct province in Canada, but not the only one with regional differences. Did You Know? n. (uncountable, informal) A state of probation about one's conduct. Erik Moreau is a graduate of ABI in two certificate programs. Track, manage, and modify K-12 Student behaviors better than ever. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für demeanour im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). Learn more. But at that news a sudden transformation was wrought in the demeanourof … n. (countable, uncountable, biology, psychology) Observable response produced by an organism. ; Demeanor is spelled demeanour everywhere except the United States. view recents. Definition of Demeanor. Demeanour is an alternative form of demeanor. . Annoyed by Whitworth's imperturbable demeanour, he ended with these words: "You must respect treaties, then: woe to those who do not respect treaties. Informations & Contacts$('.cps h3').each(function() { var $this = $(this); var id = 'cps-' + $this.index(); $this.nextUntil('h3').wrapAll('

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