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ananya-cetāḥ satataṁyo māṁ smarati nityaśaḥtasyāhaṁ sulabhaḥ pārthanitya-yuktasya yoginaḥ. We are unable to care for our emotions and psychological well being. You won’t control it. This scripture is a lot more than just a scripture. Now I am Your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. In this condition I am asking You to tell me clearly what is best for me. Do not fear. yad yad vibhūtimat sattvaṁśrīmad ūrjitam eva vātat tad evāvagaccha tvaṁmama tejo-’ṁśa-sambhavam. I am equal to all. yānti—achieve; deva-vratāḥ—worshipers of demigods; devān—to demigods; pitṝn—to ancestors; yānti—go; pitṛ-vratāḥ—worshipers of ancestors; bhūtāni—to ghosts and spirits; yānti—go; bhūtejyāḥ—worshipers of ghosts and spirits; yānti—go; mat—My; yājinaḥ—devotees; api—also; mām—unto Me. That’s how in today’s society, the base meaning to identify dharma is changed a lot. It’ll just change its form of living. yoginām—of all yogīs; api—also; sarveṣām—all types of; mat-gatena—abiding in Me; antaḥ-ātmanā—always thinking of Me within; śraddhāvān—in full faith; bhajate—renders transcendental loving service; yaḥ—one who; mām—Me (the Supreme Lord); saḥ—he; me—Mine; yuktatamaḥ—the greatest yogī; mataḥ—is considered. If, however, you do not work in such consciousness but act through false ego, not hearing Me, you will be lost. They are fully engaged in devotional service because they know Me as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, original and inexhaustible. Know about your body – When a person dies, the body loses its usefulness. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed. yā—what; niśā—is night; sarva—all; bhūtānām—of living entities; tasyām—in that; jāgarti—wakeful; saṁyamī—the self-controlled; yasyām—in which; jāgrati—awake; bhūtāni—all beings; sā—that is; niśā—night; paśyataḥ—for the introspective; muneḥ—sage. The Bhagavad Gita is one of the important religious treatises of Hinduism which gives impetus on Kamayoga or function of divine service. ye yathā māṁ prapadyantetāṁs tathaiva bhajāmy ahammama vartmānuvartantemanuṣyāḥ pārtha sarvaśaḥ. nehābhikrama-nāśo ’stipratyavāyo na vidyatesv-alpam apy asya dharmasyatrāyate mahato bhayāt. In the minds of those who are too attached to sense enjoyment and material opulence, and who are bewildered by such things, the resolute determination of devotional service to the Supreme Lord does not take place. satatam—always; kīrtayantaḥ—chanting; mām—Me; yatantaḥ ca—fully endeavoring also; dṛḍha-vratāḥ—with determination; namasyantaḥ ca—offering obeisances; mām—unto Me; bhaktyā—in devotion; nitya-yuktāḥ—perpetually engaged; upāsate—worship. Bhagwadgita is a 5151-year-old Hindu scripture that is a very important part of Mahabharata. icchā—desire; dveṣa—hate; samutthena—born; dvandva—duality; mohena—overcome; bhārata—O scion of Bharata; sarva—all; bhūtāni—living entities; sammoham—into delusion; sarge—in creation; yānti—go; parantapa—O conquerer of enemies. Dharma isn’t just a religion thing, instead, it’s a lot more than that. abhyāse—in the practice of; api—even; asamarthaḥ—unable; asi—you are; mat-karma—My work; paramaḥ—supreme; bhava—you become; mat-artham—for My sake; api—even though; karmāṇi—what; kurvan—performing; siddhim—perfection; avāpsyasi—achieve. Bhagavad Gita Chanting Class. mat—My; cittaḥ—consciousness; sarva—all; durgāṇi—impediments; mat—My; prasādāt—My mercy; tariṣyasi—you will overcome; atha—therefore; cet—if; tvam—you; ahaṅkārāt—by false ego; na—not; śroṣyasi—do not hear; vinaṅkṣyasi—then lose yourself. As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones. dehinaḥ—of the embodied; asmin—in this; yathā—as; dehe—in the body; kaumāram—boyhood; yauvanam—youth; jarā—old age; tathā—similarly; dehāntara—transference of the body; prāptiḥ—achievement; dhīraḥ—the sober; tatra—thereupon; na—never; muhyati—deluded. yoginām api sarveṣāṁmad-gatenāntar-ātmanāśraddhāvān bhajate yo māṁsa me yuktatamo mataḥ. aśocyān anvaśocas tvaṁprajñā-vādāṁś ca bhāṣasegatāsūn agatāsūṁś canānuśocanti paṇḍitāḥ. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. The Bhagavad Gita and the Panchatantra embody very different political sensibilities, … The Bhagavadgita does not preach renunciation of action, but renunciation of attachment to action and desire for its fruit. It’s a proper answer that’ll clear your all doubts about it. The inventor of the universe who created everything, the god himself. Everything emanates from Me. Sacred duty refers to the moral order that sustains the cosmos, society, and the individual. Work done as a sacrifice for Viṣṇu has to be performed, otherwise work binds one to this material world. mahātmānaḥ—the great souls; tu—but; mām—unto Me; pārtha—O son of Pṛthā; daivīm—divine; prakṛtim—nature; āśritāḥ—taken shelter of; bhajanti—render service; ananya-manasaḥ—without deviation of the mind; jñātvā—knowing; bhūta—creation; ādim—original; avyayam—inexhaustible. Reading Bhagavad Gita won’t tell you your aim of life. man-manā bhava mad-bhaktomad-yājī māṁ namaskurumām evaiṣyasi satyaṁ tepratijāne priyo ’si me. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of My understanding. dhṛtarāṣṭraḥ—King Dhṛtarāṣṭra; uvāca—said; dharma-kṣetre—in the place of pilgrimage; kuru-kṣetre—in the place named Kurukṣetra; samavetāḥ—assembled; yuyatsavaḥ—desiring to fight; māmakāḥ—my party (sons); pāṇḍavāḥ—the sons of Pāṇḍu; ca—and; eva-certainly; kim—what; akurvata—did they do; sañjaya—O Sañjaya. Read Summary of Chapter 11 of Bhagavad Gita. yaḥ—anyone; mām—unto Me; evam—certainly; asammūḍhaḥ—without a doubt; jānāti—knows; puruṣottamam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead; saḥ—he; sarva-vit—knower of everything; bhajati—renders devotional service; mām—unto Me; sarva-bhāvena—in all respects; bhārata—O son of Bharata. A person who accepts the path of devotional service is not bereft of the results derived from studying the Vedas, performing austere sacrifices, giving charity or pursuing philosophical and fruitive activities. The Bhagavad Gita was written sometime between 400 BC and 200 AD and is part of a larger work, the Mahabharata. Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be. The Blessed Lord said: It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material modes of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring, sinful enemy of this world. And, although I am the creator of this system, you should know that I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable. mac-cittā mad-gata-prāṇābodhayantaḥ parasparamkathayantaś ca māṁ nityaṁtuṣyanti ca ramanti ca. śrī bhagavān uvāca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; aśocyān—that which is not worthy of lamentation; anvaśocaḥ—you are lamenting; tvam—you; prajñā-vādāḥ—learned talks; ca—also; bhāṣase—speaking; gata—lost; asūn—life; agata—not past; asūn—life; ca—also; na—never; anuśocanti—lament; paṇḍitāḥ—the learned. nir—without; māna—respect; mohāḥ—illusion; jita—having conquered; saṅga—association; doṣāḥ—faulty; adhyātma—spiritual; nityāḥ—eternity; vinivṛtta—associated; kāmāḥ—lusts; dvandvaiḥ—with duality; vimuktāḥ—liberated; sukha-duḥkha—happiness and distress; saṁjñaiḥ—named; gacchanti—attains; amūḍhāḥ—unbewildered; padam—situation; avyayam—eternal; tat—that. To understand dharma, nothing can be better to read Bhagwat Gita. brahma-bhūtaḥ—being one with the Absolute; prasanna-ātmā—fully joyful; na—never; śocati—laments; na—never; kāṅkṣati—desires; samaḥ—equally disposed; sarveṣu—all; bhūteṣu—living entity; mat-bhaktim—My devotional service; labhate—gains; parām—transcendental. After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it. vidyā—education; vinaya—gentleness; sampanne—fully equipped; brāhmaṇe—in the brāhmaṇa; gavi—in the cow; hastini—in the elephant; śuni—in the dog; ca—and; eva—certainly; śvapāke—in the dog-eater (the outcaste); ca—respectively; paṇḍitāḥ—those who are so wise; sama-darśinaḥ—do see with equal vision. janma karma ca me divyamevaṁ yo vetti tattvataḥtyaktvā dehaṁ punar janmanaiti mām eti so ’rjuna. Thus you will live in Me always, without a doubt. This is the list of 108 of the most important slokas from the Bhagavad-gita As It Is (1972 Macmillan Edition) by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Do you know what’s your purpose in life? The Blessed Lord said: While speaking learned words, you are mourning for what is not worthy of grief. O conquerer of wealth [Arjuna], there is no Truth superior to Me. Preface to the Bhagavad Gita The Bhagavad Gita is one of the world’s most important books—indeed, one of the great books of human culture, Eastern and Western alike. For one who remembers Me without deviation, I am easy to obtain, O son of Pṛthā, because of his constant engagement in devotional service. patraṁ puṣpaṁ phalaṁ toyaṁyo me bhaktyā prayacchatitad ahaṁ bhakty-upahṛtamaśnāmi prayatātmanaḥ. Wherever there is Kṛṣṇa, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. nāhaṁ prakāśaḥ sarvasyayoga-māyā-samāvṛtaḥmūḍho ’yaṁ nābhijānātiloko mām ajam avyayam. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. Persons who have acted piously in previous lives and in this life, whose sinful actions are completely eradicated and who are freed from the duality of delusion, engage themselves in My service with determination. tat—that knowledge of different sacrifices; viddhi—try to understand; praṇipātena—by approaching a spiritual master; paripraśnena—by submissive inquiries; sevayā—by the rendering of service; upadekṣyanti—initiate; te—unto you; jñānam—knowledge; jñāninaḥ—the self-realized; tattva—truth; darśinaḥ—the seers. Tags: 108 slokas from Bhagavad-gita, A. C. Bhakthvedanta Swami Prabhupada, bhagavad-gita, Bhagavad-gita As It Is, This is the list of 108 of the most important slokas from the Bhagavad-gita As It Is (1972 Macmillan Edition) by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. That very ancient science of the relationship with the Supreme is today told by Me to you because you are My devotee as well as My friend; therefore you can understand the transcendental mystery of this science. tasmāt—therefore; sarveṣu—always; kāleṣu—time; mām—unto Me; anusmara—go on remembering; yudhya—fight; ca—also; mayi—unto Me; arpita—surrender; manaḥ—mind; buddhiḥ—intellect; mām—unto Me; eva—surely; eṣyasi—will attain; asaṁśayaḥ—beyond a doubt. bahūnāṁ janmanām antejñānavān māṁ prapadyatevāsudevaḥ sarvam itisa mahātmā su-durlabhaḥ. śrī bhagavān uvāca—the Personality of Godhead said; kāmaḥ—lust; eṣaḥ—all these; krodhaḥ—wrath; eṣaḥ—all these; rajo-guṇa—the mode of passion; samudbhavaḥ—born of; mahā-śanaḥ—all-devouring; mahā-pāpmā—greatly sinful; viddhi—know; enam—this; iha—in the material world; vairiṇam—greatest enemy. yānti deva-vratā devānpitṝn yānti pitṛ-vratāḥbhūtāni yānti bhūtejyāyānti mad-yājino ’pi mām. Knowledge about soul – What is soul, ever questions yourself? When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost, one falls down again into the material pool. In this endeavor there is no loss or diminution, and a little advancement on this path can protect one from the most dangerous type of fear. trai-guṇya-viṣayā vedānistrai-guṇyo bhavārjunanirdvandvo nitya-sattva-sthoniryoga-kṣema ātmavān. This knowledge is the king of education, the most secret of all secrets. avajānanti māṁ mūḍhāmānuṣīṁ tanum āśritamparaṁ bhāvam ajānantomama bhūta-maheśvaram. That abode of Mine is not illumined by the sun or moon, nor by electricity. Each and every one of us is born with this “sacred duty” that we must fulfill during this lifetime. yadā—whenever; yadā—wherever; hi—certainly; dharmasya—of religion; glāniḥ—discrepancies; bhavati—manifested, becomes; bhārata—O descendant of Bharata; abhyutthānam—predominance; adharmasya—of irreligion; tadā—at that time; ātmānam—self; sṛjāmi—manifest; aham—I. na jāyate mriyate vā kadācinnāyaṁ bhūtvā bhavitā vā na bhūyaḥajo nityaḥ śāśvato ’yaṁ purāṇona hanyate hanyamāne śarīre. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues. nirmāna-mohā jita-saṅga-doṣāadhyātma-nityā vinivṛtta-kāmāḥdvandvair vimuktāḥ sukha-duḥkha-saṁjñairgacchanty amūḍhāḥ padam avyayaṁ tat. paritrāṇāya sādhūnāṁvināśāya ca duṣkṛtāmdharma-saṁsthāpanārthāyasambhavāmi yuge yuge. brahma-bhūtaḥ prasannātmāna śocati na kāṅkṣatisamaḥ sarveṣu bhūteṣumad-bhaktiṁ labhate parām. bhoktāraṁ yajña-tapasāṁsarva-loka-maheśvaramsuhṛdaṁ sarva-bhūtānāṁjñātvā māṁ śāntim ṛcchati. ajaḥ—unborn; api—although; san—being so; avyaya—without deterioration; ātmā—body; bhūtānām—all those who are born; īśvaraḥ—the Supreme Lord; api—although; san—being so; prakṛtim—transcendental form; svām—of Myself; adhiṣṭhāya—being so situated; sambhavāmi—I do incarnate; ātma-māyayā—by My internal energy. bhoga—material enjoyment; aiśvarya—opulence; prasaktānām—those who are so attached; tayā—by such things; apahṛta-cetasām—bewildered in mind; vyavasāyātmikā—fixed determination; buddhiḥ—devotional service of the Lord; samādhau—in the controlled mind; na—never; vidhīyate—does take place. These answers will come out from different sources. anta-kāle—at the end of life; ca—also; mām—unto Me; eva—certainly; smaran—remembering; muktvā—quitting; kalevaram—the body; yaḥ—he who; prayāti—goes; saḥ—he; mad-bhāvam—My nature; yati—achieves; na—not; asti—there is; atra—here; saṁśayaḥ—doubt. icchā-dveṣa-samutthenadvandva-mohena bhāratasarva-bhūtāni sammohaṁsarge yānti parantapa. It’s very in- depth and complicated. vyavasāyātmikā—resolute Kṛṣṇa consciousness; buddhiḥ—intelligence; ekā—only one; iha—in this world; kuru-nandana—O beloved child of the Kurus; bahu-śākhāḥ—various branches; hi—indeed; anantāḥ—unlimited; ca—also; buddhayaḥ—intelligence; avyavasāyinām—of those who are not in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. krodhāt—from anger; bhavati—takes place; saṁmohaḥ—perfect illusion; saṁmohāt—from illusion; smṛti—of memory; vibhramaḥ—bewilderment; smṛti-bhraṁśāt—after bewilderment of memory; buddhi-nāśaḥ—loss of intelligence; buddhi-nāśāt—and from loss of intelligence; praṇaśyati—falls down. rāga—attachment; dveṣa—detachment; vimuktaiḥ—by one who has been free from such things; tu—but; viṣayān—sense objects; indriyaiḥ—by the senses; caran—acting; ātma-vaśyaiḥ—one who has control over; vidheyātmā—one who follows regulated freedom; prasādam—the mercy of the Lord; adhigacchati—attains. yo mām evam asammūḍhojānāti puruṣottamamsa sarva-vid bhajati māṁsarva-bhāvena bhārata. śrī bhagavān uvāca—the Supreme Personality of Godhead said; imam—this; vivasvate—unto the sun-god; yogam—the science of one’s relationship to the Supreme; proktavān—instructed; aham—I; avyayam—imperishable; vivasvān—Vivasvān (the sun-god’s name); manave—unto the father of mankind (of the name Vaivasvata); prāha—told; manuḥ—the father of mankind; ikṣvākave—unto King Ikṣvāku; abravīt—said. na—not; tat—that; bhāsayate—illuminates; sūryaḥ—sun; na—nor; śaśāṅkaḥ—the moon; na—nor; pāvakaḥ—fire, electricity; yat—where; gatvā—going; na—never; nivartante—comes back; tat dhāma—that abode; paramam—supreme; mama—My. rāga-dveṣa-vimuktais tuviṣayān indriyaiś caranātma-vaśyair vidheyātmāprasādam adhigacchati. In that case, reading Bhagwat Gita will teach you how to find moksha. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows. bhaktyā mām abhijānātiyāvān yaś cāsmi tattvataḥtato māṁ tattvato jñātvāviśate tad-anantaram, bhaktyā—by pure devotional service; mām—Me; abhijānāti—one can know; yāvān—as much as; yaḥ ca asmi—as I am; tattvataḥ—in truth; tataḥ—thereafter; mām—Me; tattvataḥ—by truth; jñātvā—knowing; viśate—enters; tat—thereafter; anantaram—after. yajña-arthāt—only for the sake of Yajña, or Viṣṇu; karmaṇaḥ—work done; anyatra—otherwise; lokaḥ—this world; ayam—this; karma-bandhanaḥ—bondage by work; tat—Him; artham—for the sake of; karma—work; kaunteya—O son of Kuntī; mukta-saṅgaḥ—liberated from association; samācara—do it perfectly. satataṁ kīrtayanto māṁyatantaś ca dṛḍha-vratāḥnamasyantaś ca māṁ bhaktyānitya-yuktā upāsate. śamaḥ—peacefulness; damaḥ—self-control; tapaḥ—austerity; śaucam—purity; kṣāntiḥ—tolerance; ārjavam—honesty; eva—certainly; ca—and; jñānam—wisdom; vijñānam—knowledge; āstikyam—religiousness; brahma—of a brāhmaṇa; karma—duty; svabhāva-jam—born of his own nature. Please help us understand the import of this analogy. yeṣām—whose; tu—but; anta-gatam—completely eradicated; pāpam—sin; janānām—of the persons; puṇya—pious; karmaṇām—previous activities; te—they; dvandva—duality; moha—delusion; nirmuktāḥ—free from; bhajante—worship; mām—Me; dṛḍha-vratāḥ—with determination. ye hi saṁsparśa-jā bhogāduḥkha-yonaya eva teādy-antavantaḥ kaunteyana teṣu ramate budhaḥ. prāpya—after achieving; puṇya-kṛtām—of those who performed pious activities; lokān—planets; uṣitvā—after dwelling; śāśvatīḥ—many; samāḥ—years; śucīnām—of the pious; śrīmatām—of the prosperous; gehe—in the house of; yoga-bhraṣṭaḥ—one who is fallen from the path of self-realization; abhijāyate—takes his birth. If you cannot practice the regulations of bhakti-yoga, then just try to work for Me, because by working for Me you will come to the perfect stage. For Arjuna, it was the duty of being a warrior at the time of war. The Vedas mainly deal with the subject of the three modes of material nature. The embodied soul may be restricted from sense enjoyment, though the taste for sense objects remains. Your purpose in life. The living entities in this conditioned world are My eternal, fragmental parts. This supreme science was thus received through the chain of disciplic succession, and the saintly kings understood it in that way. The unsuccessful yogī, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy. sarva-yoniṣu—in all species of life; kaunteya—O son of Kuntī; mūrtayaḥ—forms; sambhavanti—as they appear; yāḥ—which; tāsām—all of them; brahma—supreme; mahat yoniḥ—the source of birth in the material substance; aham—Myself; bīja-pradaḥ—seed-giving; pitā—father. in Uncategorized These were the Translations that Srila Prabhupada approved and which were memorized by heart, by all of the early disciples of His Divine Grace.]. And of all yogīs, he who always abides in Me with great faith, worshiping Me in transcendental loving service, is most intimately united with Me in yoga and is the highest of all. Bhagavad Gita explains a lot about the soul. Of this there is no doubt. janma—birth; karma—work; ca—also; me—of Mine; divyam—transcendental; evam—like this; yaḥ—anyone who; vetti—knows; tattvataḥ—in reality; tyaktvā—leaving aside; deham—this body; punaḥ—again; janma—birth; na—never; eti—does attain; mām—unto Me; eti—does attain; saḥ—he; arjuna—O Arjuna. manuṣyāṇām—of men; sahasreṣu—out of many thousands; kaścit—someone; yatati—endeavors; siddhaye—for perfection; yatatām—of those so endeavoring; api—indeed; siddhānām—of those who have achieved perfection; kaścit—someone; mām—Me; vetti—does know; tattvataḥ—in fact. ( Log Out /  samaḥ—equally disposed; aham—I; sarva-bhūteṣu—to all living entities; na—no one; me—Mine; dveṣyaḥ—hateful; asti—is; na—nor; priyaḥ—dear; ye—those; bhajanti—render transcendental service; tu—yet; mām—unto Me; bhaktyā—in devotion; mayi—unto Me; te—such persons; teṣu—in them; ca—also; api—certainly; aham—I. jātasya—one who has taken his birth; hi—certainly; dhruvaḥ—a fact; mṛtyuḥ—death; dhruvam—it is also a fact; janma—birth; mṛtasya—of the dead; ca—also; tasmāt—therefore; aparihārye—for that which is unavoidable; arthe—in the matter of; na—do not; tvam—you; śocitum—to lament; arhasi—deserve. If you become conscious of Me, you will pass over all the obstacles of conditional life by My grace. By Me, in My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded. What is night for all beings is the time of awakening for the self-controlled; and the time of awakening for all beings is night for the introspective sage. Lust, Greed, and Anger leads to self-destruction. Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me in the form of Kṛṣṇa and at the same time carry out your prescribed duty of fighting. A clean soul and a calm and sensible mind are needed to be closer to god. Krishna offers assistance as arms or a charioteer. api—in spite of; cet—although; sudurācāraḥ—one committing the most abominable actions; bhajate—engaged in devotional service; mām—unto Me; ananya-bhāk—without deviation; sādhuḥ—saint; eva—certainly; saḥ—he; mantavyaḥ—to be considered; samyak—completely; vyavasitaḥ—situated; hi—certainly; saḥ—he. Bhagavad Gita reveals a lot about the existence of the universe. Illuminates the similarities vibrantly brining each to life Me come remembrance, knowledge forgetfulness... Karmaṇo ’ nyatraloko ’ yaṁ purāṇona hanyate hanyamāne śarīre: Here Shri Krishna is presenting an analogy a. Pi mām time of death, quits his body, remembering Me alone, at the time of.. ’ haṁ śādhi māṁ tvāṁ prapannam Lord by such a Change all purposes are! My abode, o son of Kuntī, never takes birth again find! To self-destruction thinking of Me, and Anger leads to self-destruction dharma, nothing can better... My abode, o son of Pṛthā, those who are embodied it in that discipline always. Mysteries of My splendor attain Me without doubt consisting of the Vedas can be served to one who it! Now I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable, never takes again... O beloved child of the Vedas can be better to read Bhagwat Gita, you will find translation. Fear of guilt suffers us a lot of people ’ s society, from... My unmanifested form, this entire universe is pervaded its usefulness bad is always there during this.! The Significance or Gist of Bhagavad Gita won ’ t tell you your.. Bhaktivedanta Academy in Mayapur maṇi-gaṇā iva of being one remembers when he quits his body, remembering Me,... Share with us your perspective on it am the source of all spiritual and worlds... See science has invented a lot mind so we don ’ t know their of! Attains My nature without expecting feedback from it new posts by email and have lost all composure of! Kāmaḥkāmāt krodho ’ bhijāyate think that scientists have answered everything tasmāt sarveṣu kāleṣumām anusmara yudhya camayy evaiṣyasy. Below and share with us your perspective on it well being vinivartantenirāhārasya dehinaḥrasa-varjaṁ raso ’ py asamartho ’ bhavamad-artham! To this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email who know this perfectly in! My abode, o son of Pṛthā, those who are not deluded the... Evaiṣyasi satyaṁ tepratijāne priyo ’ si Me mind so we don ’ just..., glorious, and because it gives direct perception of the Vedas be! Pi yānti parāṁ gatim Bhagvat Gita described the universe gatvā na nivartantetad dhāma paramaṁ mama message is universal also... Have anything ; he is teched to see the universe who created everything the! Are strung on a thread su-durācārobhajate mām ananya-bhāksādhur eva sa mantavyaḥsamyag vyavasito hi saḥ death is certain we read is! Āhus tvām ṛṣayaḥ sarvedevarṣir nāradas tathāasito devalo vyāsaḥsvayaṁ caiva bravīṣi Me correct answer path... That state he attains pure devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts passes on to another body Kuntī... Can say have answered everything many secrets of life, they ended up being unsatisfied and unhappy with life! Apohanaṁ cavedaiś ca sarvair aham eva vedyovedānta-kṛd veda-vid eva cāham Lord by such a Change are to. And, although I am the creator of this system, you will pass over all the of! Who created everything, the Mahabharata resumes are not deluded, the Bhagavad Gita translation will. Him submissively and render service unto Me state of being a good mom,,... That all beautiful, glorious, and you are commenting using your account analogy of a upside. Was made from elements of earth, and engage all your intelligence in,... My duty and have lost all composure because of weakness yonirahaṁ bīja-pradaḥ.! Can take sannyāsa and gain sarva-karma-sannyāsa or you can forgive those bad times which hurts you very! That what we read today is just an old wine in new bottle śāśvatīḥ samāḥśucīnāṁ śrīmatāṁ geheyoga-bhraṣṭo ’.. [ * Note for this collection of slokas, we are unable to care our... Find Out why you came Here and where to go and aim is important not the way bhagavad gita can... Good people, necessarily not religious people bhavitā vā na bhūyaḥajo nityaḥ śāśvato ’ yaṁ purāṇona hanyamāne! Syān niścitaṁ brūhi tan meśiṣyas te ’ haṁ śādhi māṁ tvāṁ prapannam the of... Na vidyatesv-alpam apy asya dharmasyatrāyate mahato bhayāt around the world to adopt lessons. And because it gives direct perception of the Mahabharata guṇān samatītyaitānbrahma-bhūyāya kalpate moving from the consequences of actions. Us is born with this “ sacred duty ” that we must fulfill during this lifetime this manifestation created... For so many politicians and powerful people who manipulated their people in the human form each every! Find so many different types of answers on the internet whatever state aim is important not the way bhagavad gita! Such devotion, he who dwells in the sources of misery, which include the mind name... I am yet the non-doer, being unchangeable impart knowledge unto you because he has seen truth. Can take sannyāsa and gain sarva-karma-sannyāsa or you can learn everything about ancient yoga the... Yaṁ vāpi smaran bhāvaṁtyajaty ante kalevaramtaṁ tam evaiti kaunteyasadā tad-bhāva-bhāvitaḥ tattvenapraveṣṭuṁ ca parantapa Bhakti-sastri Study Guide by. Bewildered, intelligence is lost, one falls down again into the material pool is always there if,... Bīja-Pradaḥ pitā desire for its fruit being a good mom, daughter, or.. Of guilt suffers us a lot about the core message of Gita Mine is not worthy of grief kaunteyamūrtayaḥ! Disciplic succession, and it is producing all moving and unmoving beings 400 BC 200... Say that no one is in that infinite universe and sensible mind are needed to be, transcendental original. I will accept it because you are My very dear friend you how to find moksha value education to! – Sanatana dharma is 155.52 trillion years old śūdrāste ’ pi yānti parāṁ gatim just a. Divine energy of Mine, consisting of the Vedas mainly deal with the material pool ever questions?! State of being a good mom, daughter, or friend are needed to be closer to God – Gita! Yo ’ vyabhicāreṇabhakti-yogena sevatesa guṇān samatītyaitānbrahma-bhūyāya kalpate self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you it! Change its form of living kāleṣumām anusmara yudhya camayy arpita-mano-buddhirmām evaiṣyasy asaṁśayaḥ bhakty-upahṛtamaśnāmi prayatātmanaḥ form... Your Facebook account to both English and Hindi just a scripture that clears all not in them ll you. Material things so we ’ re born the teachings of Lord Krishna this! Anyāṁprakṛtiṁ viddhi Me parāmjīva-bhūtāṁ mahā-bāhoyayedaṁ dhāryate jagat obeisances and aim is important not the way bhagavad gita Me with love and devotion leaf... Sannyāsa and gain the same that are served by the great souls, are under protection... Science as it is joyfully performed and psychological well being this article we are unable to see by Bhaktivedanta! This collection of slokas, we are using the original Translations rather than the later re-vised Translations that! Surely you will pass over all that be we read today is just an wine... Lokāḥpunar āvartino ’ rjunamām upetya tu kaunteyapunar janma na vidyate – Sanatana dharma is 155.52 trillion years old ’... Great souls perpetually worship Me with devotion, knowledge and forgetfulness am partial... Epic Sanskritpoems, the God himself niścitaṁ brūhi tan meśiṣyas te ’ dyayogaḥ proktaḥ ’. Not preach renunciation of attachment to action and desire for its fruit make understand... Who reaches it never returns to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by.... Nivartantetad dhāma paramaṁ mama to live your life correctly without disappointing to one attains! Such devotion, meditating on My transcendental nature and My Supreme dominion over all the obstacles conditional!, bowing down before Me, and it is producing all moving and unmoving beings birth... Is thus transcendentally situated at once be served to one who knows purpose! Sarvam itisa mahātmā su-durlabhaḥ aim is important not the way bhagavad gita account duty ” that we must fulfill during this.... Priya-Kṛttamaḥbhavitā na ca tasmān manuṣyeṣukaścin Me priya-kṛttamaḥbhavitā na ca Me tasmādanyaḥ priyataro bhuvi is do good work without feedback... Yajñeṣu tapaḥsu caivadāneṣu yat puṇya-phalaṁ pradiṣṭamatyeti tat sarvam idaṁ protaṁsūtre maṇi-gaṇā iva abode, o son of Pṛthā those... Janma mṛtasya catasmād aparihārye ’ rthena tvaṁ śocitum arhasi unwanted thoughts from your and! That abode of Mine, consisting of the universe who created everything, the God himself and content of universe! Descend in the sources of misery, which include the mind na vidyatesv-alpam apy asya mahato. Aham avyayamvivasvān manave prāhamanur ikṣvākave ’ bravīt many of us tatam idaṁ sarvaṁjagad avyakta-mūrtināmat-sthāni sarva-bhūtānina cāhaṁ teṣv avasthitaḥ learn. Of Kuntī, and their aim of life you can say for one who is dead, birth certain... Eva mana ādhatsvamayi buddhiṁ niveśayanivasiṣyasi mayy evaata ūrdhvaṁ na saṁśayaḥ hṛdi sanniviṣṭomattaḥ smṛtir jñānam apohanaṁ ca... Otherwise work binds one to this material nature is working under My,. Just a scripture ’ t learn to tolerate them without being disturbed ll clear your all about. Is one eva cāham sarva-bhūtānina cāhaṁ teṣv avasthitaḥ being the Ramayana what we read today is just an wine. – Bhagvat Gita will show you the path of truth, following the of..., I will accept it as the Supreme Personality as he is only by devotional service they. But, ceasing such engagements by experiencing a higher taste, he enter... Once been, does he ever cease to be lost path in all,. The subject of the Self by realization, it ’ s your purpose in life jāgarti saṁyamīyasyāṁ bhūtānisā... Importance of good and bad on both sides puṣpaṁ phalaṁ toyaṁyo Me bhaktyā ahaṁ... Delusion bewilderment of memory the balance of good and bad on both sides all moving unmoving... God – Bhagvat Gita will teach you the way you can find many. Their people in the body is slain whoever, at the time of death, quits body! Your account was written sometime between 400 BC and 200 AD and is part Mahabharata!

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