you know you're from california when

We do not allow ads or promotions, except in the case of PG Schools or Community events. 3. 9. You started playing volleyball to wear the spandex 53. You’ve gotten ticketed on Doherty Drive 54. When..., Bakersfield (California). You can get fresh and REAL Mexican food 24 hours a day. Everyone hates cops. 21 Things People Always Ask When You're From California. 2. You say "like" and "for sure" and "dude" and "totally" and "peace out" and "chill" and "tight" and "bro" and "sick" and "hella"(Nor Cal only) and "stoked" and you say them often. Photo Credit. . Half the women you know have had some "work done" The only way you'll afford a house is by winning the lotto. You're a raw foodist, fruitarian, or vegan. I have never seen that.And I've been to about 250 SD games. You Know You're from Saratoga, When ... - Saratoga, CA - Add your answer to this in the comments section. You Know You're From Bakersfield, CA. You still call it "Elitches". 93. Get this from a library! You know you're from the sticks if: (12/12) Driving habits across America (10/2) You know you're from Upstate NY when . You Know You’re From California When…1. You have a special pair of shoes and you know when you put them on, you’re about to have an adventure. See more ideas about california, california love, california girls. The fastest part of your commute is down your driveway2. Jan 9, 2018 - Explore Brandi Bartlett's board "You Know You're From California When...", followed by 948 people on Pinterest. Used in place of "very" or "really", it's used in these parts A LOT. Life without In-n-Out is unimaginable to a true Southern Californian, yet most of the country lives without it. Your monthly house payments exceed your annual income8. For those people who grew up in Pacific Grove, California, or who have lived there extensively. California doesn’t have four traditional seasons: it can be chilly in June and blazing hot in January. All the TV shows you "other" states watch get filmed here. Well, it was just my luck that her door bell was no longer working (of course! 3) Your child's 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Breeze. 92. Your four food groups are Mexican, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Your were born somewhere else 3. California Witchcraft Empowering you with a healthy dose of magic. You know what I'm talking about when I say, "You don't need an airplane to be in the mile-high club in Denver". Please read the FAQ! You know what season it is by the seasonal food at Trader Joe’s. You know you're from California when ... 1) You go to the Beach - not "down to the shore." You spend too much time living vicariously through other people’s travels on Instagram until your next trip. You know who Officer Patty is, and if you’re more elite, you know who Officer Bob is 55. Mind you it is around 7am and I now have to wake up my 60 year old neighbor who lives behind me in the upstairs apartment, one that you have to use the basement key at the bottom to get to the top. Living in Southern California is a blessing. You know In-n-Out’s secret menu by heart and pity those without In-n-Out. The primary bugs that you worry about are electronic5. Hometown Georgetown California You can't remember the last time you saw someone smoke indoors. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit over their snowsuit. Which famous people have you met? Your coworker has 8 body piercings and none are visible. You know you’re from California if … 1. 7. You know you're in California when: (1/4) If truth in advertising were applied to state mottos; 2000. These tech-centric jokes, song parodies, anecdotes and assorted humor have been collected from friends and websites across the Internet. People from the city and Half Moon Bay say you're from "Pathetica," but you really know it's "Terrifica." You make over $300,000 and still can’t afford a house. This group is mostly about memories of PG past, school friends and connections. You collect travel quotes in a special travel journal. So as not to be outdone by all the redneck, hillbilly, and Texan jokes, somebody had to come up with this, you know you’ re from California if: 1. Californian(s) two things to know: 1) this blog is not supposed to be taken seriously. carne asada fries/ california burritos You know you grew up in Los Angeles when... Thirty-one truths about coming of age in L.A., as told by one Angeleno lifer By Ramona Saviss Posted: Sunday September 14 2014 You don't get snowdays off because theres only snow in Mammoth, Tahoe, Shasta, and Big Bear. In Northern California you're eating gluten-free, know someone who's gluten-free, but probably still have no idea what gluten even is or why you should break free from it. Your child's 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Breeze. 4) You judge people based on what area code they live in... 5) You can get fresh and REAL Mexican food 24 hours a … You overhear someone say "Bro, in Cali we love surfing so much that it's like, a religion." So now, if you’re not from California, and you know some of these terms, you won’t be having a hard time chatting or smoothly conversing to someone from California. You're less than 150 km from the arena, but the Sharks-Flames game isn't on any of the 30-odd channels in your hotel room. 4) You can't pot illegal? 94. In-n-Out is the iconic staple fast food of California. You Know You’re From California If You’ve Tried These Foods Gina Richard Updated: Apr. Surfing isn't really such a big deal in California It would be weird for a surfer to compare something to a religion Real Californians never say "Cali" You know what real cheese taste like. (9/17) Your car has bulletproof windows6. You know you're in California when... 1. No matter where I go across the country, a lot of people can tell, for some reason, that I am from California. 3) Our governor can kick your governor's ass. YOU KNOW YOU'RE FROM CALIFORNIA WHEN... NORCAL|SOCAL. 2) You know 65 mph really means 100. The weather is almost always great, the beach is around the corner (not really, but you know what I mean), tons of famous people live here, it's extremely diverse and there's just always something to do! 5. 3,5 mil Me gusta. You might get looked at funny by locals when you're on vacation in their state, but when they find out you're from California you turn into a Greek GOD. archive. BuzzFeed Motion Pictures Staff. You know you're in California when-- : 101 quintessential places, people, events, customs, lingo, and eats of the Golden State. I decided to go for a (socially distanced) walk and when I returned, something magical happened! You know immediately that they are not from California. 3. 51. If you’re a sports fan, then you can look forward to following the games of the Sacramento River Cats and the Sacramento Kings. Your co-worker has 8 body piercings and none are visible. You know what a "trust fund hippie" is, and you know its natural habitat is Boulder. Us Californians can't see it, but we stand out like a sore… . How? 2) I only post submissions. Instead, Californians use the pumpkin craze in fall or the influx of mango everything in Trader Joe’s to mark the different seasons. You scoff at the "five-day forecast". As a native Californian, you know that any dish can be improved by throwing an avocado on it, that the only acceptable temperature range is 65 to 86, and that, like, no one actually calls the state “Cali.” For these and 10 more signs that you grew up in California, click here. You Know You're From Pacific Grove, California When... tiene 2.054 miembros. And if you’re from California, hope you enjoyed and related to the words above! You make over $300,000 and still can't afford a house. So true:) right? You walk down the street and know the name of almost every person who drives by. by Ashly Perez. Sure, there's women's college softball on ESPN 2, … 2. You’ve driven back and forth between Town Center and the Village multiple times in one day 56. At Washington State University Apr 7, 2015 No matter where you go, people can always tell when you are from California. Negocio local This humor is light-hearted and sometimes slightly offensive to the easily-offended, so you are forewarned. We know you’ll be thinking of more, go share it with us so others can learn from it as well! You know how to eat an artichoke 4. You know a baby with two mommies... or two daddies. Hella--it's a Bay Area thing. You know you're from Georgetown California when... has 403 members. 1. Left is right and right is wrong7. 4. You know you're in San Diego when: You go to a Padres game, and the game is tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 8th, and all the fans get up and go home anyway. The meal portions are enormous. As you read this list, keep in mind that nothing in it is fake or exaggerated — including the bit about whether pot is legal or illegal, a question I just heard while at a dinner party last night. 91. [Saul Rubin] Of course, as all Canadians know, this happens when you enter the other 49 states as well. 2) You make over $300,000 and still can't afford a house. You know you're in California when ..... 1) Your co-worker has 8 body piercings and none are visible. You know you’re a Sacramentan when everything – food, bike lanes, public art – is political. We don't stop at stop signs... we do a "california roll" No cop no stop baby! You’re not sure what the Canal District is 52. You live next door to mexicans. counter added august 9, 2011 at 1pm. 05, 2018 We can thank the Golden State for some of the tastiest culinary creations in recent history. You take a bus and are shocked at two people carrying on a conversation in English.

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