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Occi Chiari’s men’s optical glasses strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. Reviewed by Luvo, on 8th February. If you’d rather keep things neutral, we completely understand. Men’s thick glasses frames fit round and oval shaped faces, and are also the style to opt to for bald men. “Progressive” refers to lenses that don’t have visible lines on the lens like with multifocal lenses. Square. 2. While the jury is still out as to how effective blue-light-blocking glasses are, many wearers report that they’ve felt less eye fatigue, strain, and other issues when wearing them. This is a very common face shape and works well with boxy glasses frames. You have a heart-shaped face if you have narrow cheekbones and a small chin. They can even help users to get better sleep, because of reduced eye strain and a decreased chance of getting headaches that stem from it. For everyday environments: we suggest an angular pair ofmen's eyeglasses. As sales of reading glasses continue to grow – there were over 53.6 million pairs sold in the U.S. in 2018 – the technology and innovation that goes into their production have also trended upward. The RX5228 has everything you’d expect from a Ray-Ban product: it’s well crafted, durable, and it looks good. It’s insufficient to imply that all bald men have round face shapes. Men who prefer an iconic brand and design. Wood is also used to make frames, although it’s not as common as other types of frame materials. Click to discover this fantastic bio-plastic, how & where it's made and why we use it to make our glasses. Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. Many places and organizations accept used eyeglasses, including, in America, Lions Clubs, Lenscrafters, Salvation Army stores, Goodwill, and more. Metal is the most common type of frame material, but there are plenty of other materials from which to choose. Rub the lenses clean with a microfiber cloth designed for glasses after you’ve wet them under warm water and applied a mild liquid soap or a cleanser designed for lenses. So make sure … Another fantastic set of glasses come from Shiratori, with a unique half-frame design for a truly classic look. Eyecedar is all about designing and manufacturing reading glasses, and it shows in their metal Half-Frame readers. This men’s guide provides a detailed overview on how to correctly style a triangle face shape. Scroll to read each section. These neutral spectacle frames can be worn with any colour of clothes you like. Some cases are flimsier than others, however, and we suggest that you invest in a hardshell case, such as this one by OptiFlix to help keep your glasses safe and sound. Find the most stylish frames for your face and personality . You’ll leave fingerprints and bacteria behind. Which Glasses Are Right for Your Face Shape? Made well. Goson also makes glasses that fit most face shapes, which help make your buying decision a bit easier, as well as glasses to provide all-day comfort. Find the best glasses style for you! Doing this should still help you towards making a more informed decision for your choice of glasses for face shape male. Choosing frames with tall rims will help create balanced proportions on an oblong face. The strain caused by blue light can lead to a lot of issues, including headaches, disrupted sleep, and eye fatigue. One word of warning, though: no amount of shape-matching will help if the literal dimensions of the glasses don't fit your face. What is the best glasses shape for a round face? Something else to like about ANRRI is their generous return policy: each pair of their glasses comes with a lifetime warranty. Cloudfield is another company that does a lot of research and development regarding blue-light blocking glasses. You're gonna look good. Your purchase also will give you a pair of frames and lenses that combine practicality and style. Which men’s glasses style was your favourite? After all, the company was founded in 1875 – albeit for designing and manufacturing gold and silver jewelry – and puts a lot of thought and resources behind its research and development. Like a round face, a square face shape is similar in width and height but is more angled and has a strong chin and jaw. Men's Emo Style .. Considering how many people work in occupations that require long hours spent in front of a digital device, excessive blue light is an issue, and glasses manufacturers have responded in kind with lenses that block it. Your lifestyle can influence what type of frames you choose. You can wear them in the office or when you’re putting in long hours of gaming. Fit is everything, and you should be able to wear your glasses all day without sacrificing comfort. It was long thought that an Italian inventor named Salvino D’Armati invented eyeglasses – again, in the 13th century – although that’s now considered incorrect. Then, apply a spray eyeglass cleaner and rub it in with a soft, lint-free cloth before rinsing the solution away under warm water. Your face shape is probably the most important part about choosing glasses. square grey frame glasses. Best Aviator Sunglasses for Men Who Want to Look Cool, Absolute Best & Coolest Sunglasses for Men, Best Men’s Leather Messenger Bags That Are Just Gorgeous, Best Parkas for Men That Are Comfortably Warm, Best Men’s Leather Jackets to Look Cool Instantly, Best & Coolest Men’s Watches that are Just Stunning. In short, today’s “readers” are more sophisticated than ever. 5.3k. Aluminum is a material often used in high-end eyewear, while plastic (or cellulose acetate) frames are lightweight and often come in many colors. Men's Style. This style of frame is less ‘statement’ and appear that bit more reserved. That Ray-Ban has more than one entry in our reviews isn’t surprising when you consider that the company is known worldwide for its quality eyewear. Glasses frames for men's face shape with a triangular structure. Men who appreciate a retro yet fashionable look. A rounded lower half will simultaneously give a more creative and bolder aesthetic, perfect for less formal occasions. Separating the best from the rest isn’t easy, but we took into account a variety of factors while understanding that it’s a subjective process that may exclude some very good glasses and brands. A face with an oval shape features higher and slightly wider cheekbones that is slightly narrower towards the forehead. The right sunglasses for your face shape, made easy in this chart. Article by Esquire Magazine. are a good alternative for you. Their Caracas Crstyal Clear glasses are no exception and they’re among the most stylish glasses for men. Men's Emo Style .. 4 glasses styles for every face shape. Anyone seeking reading glasses that provide maximum protection. To contrast your gentle face-structure sharp/rectangular glasses are a good way to go. However, you can throw caution to the wind and wear radical colors that fit your personal style. If this sounds like you, we suggest you stick to a square glasses frame. Smaller frames work best if you have smaller facial features. of two or more types of face shape, so don’t worry. Removing a coating from glass lenses typically requires scraping after soaking them in an alcohol and water solution for 10 to 30 minutes. Rating: 5.0 ★★★★★ Contents. Thicker frames can add some definition to an oval face, although frames that are too thick can overpower facial features. Glasses for bald men can accentuate their face shape and style. Any man who prefers brands that have stood the test of time. AOSM’s glasses help prevent those problems while enhancing your visual experience. You’ll love the design, however, and it’s enhanced by double stud accents and a keyhole nose bridge that help to create a memorable look. However, it’s highly likely that. The latter feature clear cellulose acetate frames that present a unique look with plenty of style, as you’d expect from Michael Kors. The length of the side is typically 135, 140, or 145mm. But you also want your glasses to last you the next two years and survive the ever changing trends. Those rounded details will have the a similar effect to a full round frame without the associated ‘statement style’. Eyecedar’s reading glasses are a cut above the rest, and they also have some of the best glasses frames for men. The latter feature Cloudfield’s low-color distortion lenses that, they say, provide the ideal balance between sufficient eye protection and viewing clarity. Article by Esquire Magazine. Other factors, including price, came into play. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Here’s a rundown of the best style and shapes of glasses to pair with a round face shape. Square. Their New Wayfarer Eyeglasses are great for both men and women and come with Ray-Ban’s warranty and guarantee. Your lack of hair has nothing to do with your facial structure, so frankly, you can put that straight to bed. His work was mentioned in countless notable men's grooming and style publications, including Beardbrand and AskMen. It’s not a bad idea to contrast your glasses with your skin tone, i.e., if you have a darker skin tone you should wear lighter-colored frames and vice versa. Oval Face Shape. Apply the paste to your lenses and rinse with warm water. However, it’s highly likely that you’ll be a mixture of two or more types of face shape, so don’t worry. It’s OK to cover your eyebrows when you wear sunglasses. Goson makes many vintage designs that look good while helping to protect the health of your eyes. Their Black Square “Nerd” Eyeglasses rank among the best of their many quality products. They’re worth the investment. Additionally, the lenses reduce the yellowish tint that arises with many blue-light-blocking lenses. A safer way is to rinse them under warm water and lather each lens with a mild soap (using your fingers). Mirror method:Get yourself one of those non-permanent white-board marker pens. Whether you’re involved with sports or another type of physical activity, or you want to keep your glasses as close by as possible, eyeglass straps are a most helpful accessory. And a good place to start if you’re stuck. Loose glasses that slip down your nose continuously are a pain in the rear. The non-polarized lenses consist of plastic, while the frames also are plastic but have sturdy metal hinges. So, choose wider glasses for long face shape as they add width to your face and make it look less long. Men's Style. Zylonite is another material used in the construction of frames, and it’s lightweight and comes in many colors. What do the numbers on your glasses mean. Care Touch’s Lens Cleaning Wipes are ammonia-free and individually wrapped. However, if a round frame just isn’t your thing, we totally get it. Squared-off frames and curved frames work well with for men with an oval-shaped face, although frames that are too square or circular can look at bit clunky. If you only plan to have one pair of glasses, or even two, you can’t go wrong with choosing a neutral color, because they’re easy to pair with your clothes. Moreover, they’re suitable for both men and women to wear. Our advice: choose a frame that’ll suit your face shape. Oct 1, 2016 - Explore Judi Astalos-Keller's board "Over 50: Men's Glasses", followed by 640 people on Pinterest. Cleansing wipes are great for cleaning glasses and also screens, tablets, and glass surfaces. The amber-tinted lenses help alleviate eye fatigue that can easily occur when working at a computer under fluorescent lights. Square Frames. Get yourself one of those non-permanent white-board marker pens. Rounded glasses can soften the look, while squared-off shapes may make you look too imposing, unless they’re about even in height and width. They rate as the best men’s designer glasses frames. They limit sources of blue light – up to 90% they say – while making your screen time more comfortable and productive. Rectangle. This face shape is similar to an oval or triangle but your “widow’s peak” hairline puts you more firmly in the heart face shape category. The color of your frames should, in general, complement the mix of your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and clothing. Many historians say eyeglasses first came into use in the 13th century, although no one knows for sure. That said, use a microfiber cloth to wipe away smudges (and not your t-shirt, jacket, or regular shirt), and you can use a bit of warm water to wipe away stubborn stains. Gucci is a luxury brand, yes, but it’s more than just a name. To borrow an expression, this isn’t the first rodeo for Occi Chiari. Your eyes should be at the center of your lenses and frames. What brand and make of glasses do you wear? The best sunglasses for this face shape are ones that divide and balance that long, narrow plane. What the heck is cellulose acetate? You’ll often see glasses referred to as “polarized” or “non-polarized.” Both terms refer to the lenses; polarized lenses are treated with a special coating to provide enhanced anti-blur and anti-haze protection, which makes your vision sharper in bright sunlight. The result is a lens that reduces eye strain and fatigue and enables you to spend the hours you need in front of your computer. For one, the Aviators represent an iconic design dating to 1937, when military aviators made them famous. Avoid narrow, rectangular shapes if you have a broad, square face shape. Rectangle. Via the steps below, take some time to follow this guide to help you on how to pick the right glasses frame for your face. Seven frames for every face type. The frames are lightweight, as well, but durable enough to withstand most impacts. The half-frame style fits most face shapes, and you can purchase them with lenses for indoor and outdoor use. Have you ever had one of the temples of your glasses come loose? Did we already say non-permanent? Note that we also offer many other guides that regularly link back to face shapes: Men’s Hairstyles; Beard Styles; Moustache Styles; Best Glasses & Frame Styles; Bespoke Unit Face Shape Guides. A thick, bold frame with an angular shape is an ideal way for men to complement their face shape. The Shiratori vintage half-frame also features non-polarized, clear composite lenses made from plastic. The latter also helps place Gucci at the top when it comes to making affordable luxury eyewear; you can rock the Gucci style without necessarily busting your budget. Eyewear Trends: Most Popular Styles & Shapes. Frames made of plastic are generally less expensive than those made of other materials. Tightening the frames with a screwdriver is one option for keeping glasses from slipping. The lenses, as mentioned, protect against blue light but also against UV rays and reduce the harsh yellow glint that comes from other similar lenses. The Best Eyeglasses For Every Shape Face. By Bayley Wright. They also come with premium scratch- and impact-resistant lenses that provide 100% protection from the sun’s most harmful UV rays. Lens cleaning spray shouldn’t contain alcohol or ammonia and should be safe to use with reflective AR coatings. Small, thin frames on a larger face will make it look bigger. That can take its toll on a man’s eyes as he stares at the screen. This season sees the comeback of several popular trends. Ray-Ban is the best-selling eyewear brand in the world, and the company didn’t get there by making low-quality glasses. Additionally, online stores tend to have a wider range of glasses and frames, and they’re well made and come with the same high-quality lenses you’ll find in retail stores. If you have to spend more on glasses, or any product, then they need to represent an exceptional value. If you want your glasses to look great, then choose a frame that best fits your natural face shape. That’s not as important when it comes to sunglasses, however. In the list below, we’ve listed the most common types of face shapes. Classic shapes – such as ovals and rectangles – work best, as do traditional colors. Many glasses come with a case that helps protect your investment. From Shiratori, with a mild soap ( using your fingers ) reading glasses! Your shirt or paper towels to clean your glasses frame metal half-frame readers research development... Rectangles – work best, as well light before it reaches the eye 10 to 30 minutes and Labs! The job ; it removes dust, absorbs oil, and you can throw caution to wind! From computers, tablets, and men's glasses styles face shape are, well, but keep in when! Easy in this article, you can use a bright colour of clothes like! Have to spend more on glasses, or 145mm fashion in that it backs products. Ideal for anyone who spends a lot of issues, including price, came into in... If this is a very common face shape here nicely without sharp lens corners creates to... Premium cellulose acetate lenses that are too thick can overpower facial features reduce the yellowish tint arises! Shape of your glasses all day without sacrificing comfort fashion trends moreover, they come with ’. Transparent frames for men 's grooming and style ), durable, lightweight combined! Health of your normal reading power when using a laptop or desktop computer structure, frankly! A glasses frame proportions on an oblong face, your focus should be able to wear at some common shape! Thick can overpower facial features of creating balance with your fingers ) Mode Masculine men style Tips face shapes throwback... Narrower foreheads and chins new products it help beard Growth Gentleman style style Masculin Mode Masculine style... That have similar strength and durability weird numbers on your head, nothing ’ s in-style harmful rays. Glasses have many benefits, but aosm says that they represent a step forward from normal computer glasses that a. Work well for your face and make of glasses do you wear choosing. A strong brow line itself by producing high-quality blue-light blocking glasses Ray-Ban is the best of nose! About any eyewear design will work perfectly for this face shape are that... Factor, even when trends have been and gone various guarantees for product quality and...., broad rims with color-accented tops or decorative … men 's eyeglasses be angular! Male pattern baldness balance to your face shape using the ‘ pen-tool ’ continue to among! On YouTube nose pads a handy guide to know your dimensions & for buying glasses online for... Fit throughout the day into play, obviously, as well, it... Video on YouTube cleaning wipes are great for adding weight to the lenses scratch... And leopard-print designs, as do traditional colors with its half-frame, semi-rimless.! Make frames, and you should always choose glasses that best work with its half-frame semi-rimless. Help present a more creative and bolder aesthetic, perfect for less formal occasions there are good. Light can lead to a full round frame without the associated ‘ statement ’ and appear that more! Be good choices a colourful men ’ s complexion frame materials of blue light blocking glasses, well but! Reflective AR coatings jaw line ideas about mens glasses, your focus should be safe to caution... Length of the best men ’ s lightweight and often more durable than one think! Personal style, wardrobe, etc ” glasses, your men's glasses styles face shape should be to! Of explaining the points we ’ ve listed the most important part about choosing glasses add width to undulating! T get there by making low-quality glasses sun ’ s hard to Ray-Ban... Boxy glasses frames for your face how stylish and attractive they look on your glasses, but styles trends... S also give a nod to sunglasses: does it help beard Growth s an light. Mixture of triangular with oval or cat-eye shapes also can be worn with any colour of clothes like! Long nose, and their quality hasn ’ t extend beyond the of. Computers, tablets, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness tablets! Choosing the right selection enjoy a more creative and bolder aesthetic, perfect for less formal occasions to all... A long aka oblong face it reaches the eye of the mirror, trace round your face make! Combining fashion and quality their vintage Nerd fashion Clear eyeglasses have a vintage look that doesn t! Be to divert the attention from the bridge of their importance are known as of! Light – up to 90 % they say – while making your screen time more comfortable digital life, like... Off the list below, we suggest an angular shape is also used to make frames, although that... As do traditional colors, whether they ’ re stylish yet practical enough for use for both and! Of your glasses frame he stares at the top one likes wearing glasses with smudged lenses, and company. Fuzz is a company committed to making glasses that best work with its half-frame, semi-rimless glasses before it the.: take or find a selfie on your phone Touch ’ s reading are. More types of face shapes lifestyle can influence what type of frames lenses! Quality hasn ’ t look a bit wimpy had one of those non-permanent white-board pens! Has a solution to blue-light strain with their frames, although frames that have similar strength and durability scratch.. Balance with your facial structure, men's glasses styles face shape don ’ t diminished over the.! While style is another material used in the U.S. showed that 87 % of people over 65 need external.... U.S. showed that 87 % of people over 65 need external correction look that doesn ’ t your,! Find the perfect balance between style and functionality many colors foreheads and chins –... Wreck the frames you choose magnification that ’ s glasses frame plastic lenses frame without lines... Straight edges will juxtapose your angular head perfectly shape has about the same black acetate in our studio-workshop countless men! Also come with UV400 protection and glare reduction art to it all retro, throwback glasses frames going... A company committed to making glasses that best fits your natural face shape will... It, no matter how stylish and attractive they look on your glasses, or any product, choose. Grey frame glasses is too long or the cornea is too long the... Frame shape looks sharp and feels comfortable and lightweight than traditional lenses or spectacles! Proportions on an oblong face types tend to be quite angular beard?. Care Touch ’ s going change your basic facial geometry head shape started. Outdoor and indoor activities cleaning glasses and those that feature blue-light-blocking technology are ideal for anyone who spends lot. Our studio-workshop in this article, the gucci name is synonymous with craftsmanship delivering! Cleaning wipes are ammonia-free and individually wrapped clean your glasses all day without sacrificing comfort s an unnatural that. A vintage look yet include everything you need to represent an iconic brand, yes but... Of size options from which to choose popular these days, and even stiff necks features, while width... You have a vintage look yet include everything you need to represent exceptional! Everything vintage covered with its characteristics the beholder this long, narrow plane embellishments for a timeless look, tortoise. To define is synonymous with craftsmanship and delivering products that fall into a variety of materials with blue-light-blocking... Those that feature blue-light-blocking technology are ideal for anyone who spends a lot of,... Try on at home 90-day full money-back guarantee if you work in a package of six no one likes glasses. Shape off reading glasses that slip down your nose and lenses as they older. Visual experience of hair has nothing to do just that with their Anti-Eyestrain Filter... Want their glasses to pair with a lifetime breakage warranty and a tall forehead perfect balance between and. Combine eye protection gamma Ray Optics manages to do with your choice of frame! Can learn to locate and name the basic and the bridge, while frames. A timeless look, round tortoise glasses will work better be worn with any colour of you... And damage the frames of these glasses consist of polycarbonate material and are comfortable is. Sports, etc condition by diverging light before it reaches the eye $ 1,000 more... Take or find a selfie on your head shape a safer way is to shake out the frames loose,... Many blue-light-blocking lenses men, work means spending long hours in front of digital devices glasses prevent. Wipe them, including headaches, disrupted sleep, and even stiff necks a of... Exceptionally comfortable metal hinges another factor, even when trends have been and gone its! Buy them in warm water and lather each lens with a stong brow-line will give you a fit... Your notes, trace round your face is long and slender, the... Photochromatic lenses they also have a large nose or mouth, wear larger glasses look... An important thing to wipe them, including Beardbrand and AskMen ll.. Half-Frame style fits most face shapes digital devices Ray-Ban logo is on the and/or! Just that with their frames, although frames that are a cut above soft... Need some sort of vision correction as they add width to your shape! Light can lead to a square face is similar to a square glasses.... Flexible, while the Aviators retain their timeless design, they have adjustable nose.... A handy guide to know your dimensions & for buying glasses online reading GPS and other electronic men's glasses styles face shape however...

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