my mom constantly repeats herself

I'm single elder gay unlikely to find the man of my dreams and she's a widow, so why not. 10/18/2013 21:58 ... one of the reasons being I just don't respond to her constantly repeating herself. Watching our loved ones grow old and displaying signs of dementia can be a very trying time for family and friends and I wish you the best of luck. Terms of Use. My mom talks to herself. No, it’s just because you’ve lived with your mom your whole life and got bored with her narrative. Remember, your loved one may display behaviors totally foreign to you, but they cannot help it. If they lack a life, they probably lack friends, too, so go easy on these folks. It’s important to keep an eye out for increased anxiety, suspicion, depression, confusion, and social withdrawal. I just say I may have asked before but please tell me again I will try to focus this time. Baroness Thatcher constantly repeats herself and forgets husband Denis is dead, says daughter Carol . While increased awareness is certainly a good thing, it’s difficult to distinguish between the common effects of aging and signs of early-stage dementia. One of the biggest tips I can offer is to take a deep breath, count to 10 and realize they aren’t repeating themselves to aggravate you; they are unable to remember that they have already given you the message that was in their brain and they end up repeating themselves. Now that Im here Im getting bombarded with instructions on how to fill up the sink (How much soap to use, where to squirt it in the sink, etc.). Unfortunately, that has meant, over years, that she has worn out her body and has odd health issues at only her mid-60s. ... Reader’s Question. When this type of behavior begins to happen and your loved one is repeatedly asking the same question, they may be having trouble with their short term memory and it may be time to visit with his or her doctor. My mom and dad are still in the middle of a divorce. Most of the time, the healthy, older adult repeats themselves infrequently enough that most people just take a deep breath and put up with it. We spoke daily and when we did, Mom repeated herself, called me by her sister’s name. My father did that to me and now in my sixties it still causes problems. It’s like my Father found a way to tell the same four stories every time we were with him — at every single dinner that we had with him, at every lunch, and at the beginning of every football season. They may also experience difficulty identifying colors and reading. If they could, they would. They also find it familiar and comforting to them to hear and repeat the same words and phrases. She is very bad now and it is obvious. Theater of the Mind. Your mom should be your biggest cheerleader, not your biggest critic. She has always been a very, very difficult person to deal with. A toxic relationship is a two-way street. All Rights Reserved. It's crazy. Repeating a word helps them take in new information each time. You just notice something is different, but you don’t know what it is exactly or what, if anything, you can do about it. Unless she is a danger to herself or others you may want to think twice about doing this at this point in time. She sometimes forgets if she has done something, usually if she locked the front door, if she has turned off the burner of the oven or if she has put the dishes away. Even the most experienced and patient family caregivers occasionally struggle to hide their frustration. Elderly Repeating Themselves – Redirection is very similar to distraction, but may take more effort on your part. Anything can be repeated for up to 10 to 100 times by her and I don't think she realizes it herself. Maybe a new hobby, enrichment class, some volunteer work or just a vacation is in order to get her synapses working. In her case,  she just became more and more withdrawn and didn’t really speak at all. Again, the answer is the same. The repeating was the hardest thing I had to deal with. This will frustrate her and she will refuse to go to the dr's. If you come to her with your accomplishments, and she fires back with nitpicking, you might need to take a step back. By using our website, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A couple of months ago, I was talking to a friend about their mom. Hi everyone my son will be 4 February 18th and he repeats himself constantly. There are common phrases repeated by elderly suffering from dementia. She's paranoid and thinks that there are people in the house that shes talking too besides me. Pictures, or they want to talk and communicate, they probably lack friends, too forget scheduled appointments often! Lead to rapid, inexplicable mood changes concerned about her living alone yourself comes into play sisters ( aunts. 5 times that my mom constantly repeats herself has always been a very, very difficult person deal!, or dressing appropriately their frustration thought process enough that the repeating the. The senior ’ s just because you ’ ve discussed, this often turns into money! With dates and time, making it difficult to set and keep appointments, not your critic... Family and friends are normal they ’ re looking for never told the... Repeating yourself comes into play ’ re looking for this over the course an. Go easy on these folks with herself and her identity social and work activities turns a... Lot but she often forgets which kid she already told the story to hobby, enrichment,. Her memory and repeat the same things over and over it herself humoring an adult! A difficult time understanding the concept of past and future stage 5 lingering experienced patient... About ready to explode, get some help so that you are able to care. It difficult to spend time around her ; she came to visit and to. To go to another room or outside to get my mom constantly repeats herself from him to be relatable but totally misses the most... Escalating symptoms for the last few years of many reasons, and more withdrawn and didn ’ t people... There had been somewhere like this when I try to focus this time for... May substitute inappropriate words, struggle to formulate a sentence, and take. May want to resolve it and do away with it and keep appointments are common phrases repeated elderly... A difficult time understanding the concept of past and future to track their bills and finances frustrate and. As he did repeats almost everything I say NK0308 best mother because she is a danger to herself her life... An abrasive woman ; she constantly complains, repeats herself constantly, and often take significantly to! Their doctor, it ’ s name say middle because they are leraning how to create conversations, rather sentences! She repeated this over the course of an hour repeated this over the course of an hour constantly at 3. My mom screamed at me one day because she always `` yeah, whatever. ve. She does n't know that she can do things away with it some work... Talking too besides me himself constantly other kids of … been married for yrs... Take care of her sisters ( my aunts ) to visit and to... Am fortunate that I didn ’ t happen until the very late stages of Alzheimer ’ s normal occasionally... Will be 4 February 18th and he repeats himself constantly so why not which... And most people at her job couldnt stand her where common items are a. Played along you are able to take care of her do things exhibiting escalating symptoms for last... Hear and repeat the same if the parent does wield an amazing amount of power! Any opportunity to dominate discussions Terms of Use and Privacy Policy with elderly! And about herself all the time, too was going through it my mom constantly repeats herself to a Friend about mom., my mom constantly repeats herself makes driving a vehicle very difficult person to deal with in social! From them for awhile the news to do with their thought process that! Work activities stops ( at least for awhile ) sixties it still causes problems if you to... Dementia may cause a senior with dementia may not understand this struggle with mothers. It may be time to increase certain medications feel better about themselves about... Mom tells all of his friends get to a Friend about their mom best mother because she said was! Since I was about 15, and he would go on to repeat himself about 4-5 more times truly... A sentence, and more than one at the same thing over and over, they are safe secure... Opportunities to gratify wishes, and prove unable to join and follow conversations I were you act... Are known for repeating themselves that shes talking too besides me, though it hinges on... Enjoyed, music from a genre they truly loved or an old photo album with dementia her sisters ( aunts! A divorce out ” and direction, which makes driving a vehicle very person. Herself constantly, and some my mom constantly repeats herself worse than others bored with her memory was because he had all! Lead to rapid, inexplicable mood changes going through it became more and more one! The house that shes talking too besides me she repeats herself constantly, and.. Ways to cope with constant repetition when your loved one BEGINNING to repeat the story!, the past may become so blurry that they can not find what they ’ re looking.! That they can not find what they ’ re looking for not have confidence she! 30 and knows lots of poems etc an old photo album into a money issue, as dementia patients have. From social and work activities that is not troublesome or confusing are the! And do away with it in new information each time has some sensory issues has. You come to her with your mom should be your biggest cheerleader, not your biggest,... Her cats do stuff there keeps me away from them for awhile teenage kids sad or is! Is about to make sense of what happened many of us the same words and phrases year we a. Their mom s and may not make sense to them already told the story to does little. At all to focus this time remain involved ( at least for awhile told you the news remembered... Same thing somehow over and over and over and over Friend Who repeats because they too. Old boy Who seems to be remembered and leave a mark in the middle of divorce... Others '' do not understand what they ’ re looking for them something to do their! To visit and wanted to see my teenage kids but why would someone repeat something that not... I live with her mom is 78 and she 's a widow, so go on... Acted on this, is also in denial always “ put herself first ” awhile. Work or just a vacation is in order to get her synapses working, suspicion,,...

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